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The movies where police join in as extras – A group of film-makers and stuntmen is hoping to turn the breakaway territory of Somaliland into the next Hollywood

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It’s the middle of nowhere and cars are pursuing each other in tighter and tighter circles, sending thick clouds of dust into the hot air. It is a truly spectacular chase.

Mohamed Saleh is at the wheel of the wildest car. With a cool demeanour and an Afro hairstyle, he is the main stuntman. Like everyone else on the film set, he is completely untrained.

“One time the car nearly flipped over,” he tells me. “It was vertical, balancing on two tyres. But far more frightening was the fact that the cars did not belong to us! The company we hired them from had no idea we were using them in an action movie. They thought we were just going for a leisurely drive.”

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