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(Rasheed Ali Meigag Samater – London)

For about couple of decades, developed capitalist nations of the West were led by a younger junior politicians who often ruled with less concern of history, academic references, sovereignty of states and International relations while nevertheless blared by an over-emphasised notion of globalisation, trade protectionism  and multi-lateral political dynamics.


Over many years the senior citizens of these nations felt isolated, exclusion and being over-looked by their leaders, as a result, patriotism and/or nationalistic  spirit was slowly creeping in day after day – i.e. encountering floods of immigrants resulted by conflicts that could have been averted if they had had a say filled their streets, parliaments and commissions sitting elsewhere was giving rules and directives to abide by. changes to what was a national pride and uniqueness such as the removal of national border restrictions, monetary, changes to their inherited red double-deckers, black-cabs etc, all added to lead or influence the results of the referendum that shocked Europe, the world, and the British public themselves. It is the sort of spirits that made the presidential contender Donald Trump so popular in the United States – who eventually, will shock the world and U.S citizens when he wins that county’s presidential elections in November this year.

Despite the unexpected BREXIT results, future is not so bleak for Britain, Europe and for Somaliland either. It is a clear case of politicians being out of focus to scale the real feelings of electors – which is a lesson to all nations including European Union member states. The traditional British style of standing out of the crowd with a good say of their overseas trade and historical friends like Somaliland will be reinstated soon. Moreover, the British referendum of leaving E.U, once again proved that the will of the people prevails at all times, and that a union entered with own desire can be divorced at any time if so wished by the majority of the same people –   Somaliland case of leaving the voluntary union with Somalia and declaring statehood – as proven by a majority referendum of over 97% is no different.

It was not long ago and was in July last year, when the pro-Brexit campaigners Nigel Farrage – than Leader of the UKIP party and his colleague Member of the European Parliament (M.E.P) James Carver of West Midlands, eloquently narrated Somaliland’s past relationship with Britain in front of the European Parliament and also pressed the recognition of Somaliland by the E.U members – that is if by law, the Union can vote for the recognition of new states they said.

It is therefore back to basics again, a better respect for the sovereignty of states – neighbours or otherwise, a better chances of reforms when applicable, while immigration,  citizenship and trade will be decided by respective decision makers only and most of all bilateral/multilateral relations can be freely entered by nations (as Somaliland/Britain) without angering some powerful officials elsewhere.

The dramatic events of E.U and Britain leaving its long invested membership is also a clear signal to the African nations that States can withdraw African Union membership, and if wished, stay away entering membership at all. It is the individual member states that recognise new states and not the African Union (A.U.) anyway.

Rasheed Ali Meigag Samater

(Chairman – Somali Community N. London &

Executive Member of UCID Party)


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