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‘I found my dad on Facebook’ – Farhiya was separated from her father when she was a baby 40 years ago

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“Congratulations! We found your dad!” read an email in Farhiya’s inbox.

“I couldn’t believe it when I first got the news.” she says. “It was a dream come true. But I always kept faith this moment would one day arrive.”


When she was growing up, Farhiya used to ask her mother what her dad was like.

“She would tell me to look in the mirror,” says Farhiya. “You talk like him, you walk like him, you even argue like him,” her mother would reply.

But apart from a few black and white photos, that was all she had to go on.

Thirty-nine-year-old Farhiya was born in Leningrad – now St Petersburg – in 1976 to a Russian mother and a Somali father.

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farhiyadadFarhiya learned about her father (standing far right) through old photographs


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