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Hooyadii iyada iyo ilmaheegii Yaraa ay FlyDubai xooga kaga soo dejisay diyaarada oo na soo gaadhsiisay qoraal ay si faahfaahsan uga hadashay dhibtii weynayd ee loo geystay

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Alhamdulilah all praise to Allah!

I am the mother with the 1 year old baby who was humiliated by Fly Dubai’s cabin crew.

Before I continue I need to give a special thank you to Cali Hassan Cali Mareexaan for his support and help in this situation, the somali people of Hergeisa for recognising this injustice against me and bringing this case to light.


From the onset the cabin crew had a demeaning and condescending attitude towards me and the passengers . When asked for assistance, the male cabin crew arrogantly told me to put the baby down and carry my own luggage. I then proceeded to my allocated seat which was a window seat. Subsequently, a disabled passenger sat next to me along with her relative. They informed me they were unable to move if I needed access for nappy change etc. I politely asked the female cabin crew about a child friendly seat. She rudely shut down my request and told me to sit down. I repeated my request the 2nd time saying how the seat was not practical both for the disabled passenger and myself. She continued to say it wasn’t her business and we must stay in our allocated seats. I repeated my request for the 3rd and last time, talking to her in a polite and calm manner, that I should be moved to an appropriate seat, this being a risk, not only for the disabled passenger but also for my infant. This clearly made her annoyed, as I know my rights as a consumer. The passengers welfare and safety should be paramount but she continued to show no empathy. She shouted ” Are you telling me how to do my job?” I responded ” You’re clearly not listening and you’re putting our lives at risk, you’re not doing your job properly” She disappeared from sight and that was the last time I saw and spoke to her. A kind, male passenger then offered his seat to me as no cabin crew offered me an alternative seat. We then swapped.


The rude male cabin crew approached me and told me I had to pay for the seat (since it was an upgrade) and that I should also pay for my infant (who doesn’t require a seat by law). I explained there was no need to pay as it was a swap and it was a mutual agreement.

Moments later somali security personnel came on board and surrounded my infant and I. They told me to leave the plane and grabbed my onboard luggage. I was shocked, embarrassed and felt vulnerable. This resulted in my infant being scared, unsettled and frightened . I asked ” What was the problem?” According to their reports I was violent and used vulgar language. I denied all the allegations put to me, all passengers on board Fly Dubai were my witnesses. No such incident took place! The security personnel took witness statements and they testified I was telling the truth.

However, the cabin crew continued to use this false statement to get me off the plane. The minster of transport Cali Hassan Cali Mareexaan also got involved and acknowledged my innocence. The pilot’s word was final and he said “He cannot take a violent, abusive passenger onboard as it poses a security risk”. Which I categorically deny as I have a young infant.

With that said I had no choice but to go with the security personnel who marched me off the aircraft. The minister also walked off the aircraft to show solidarity to my mistreatment.

The minster of transport spoke to fly Dubai’ s head office and explained the situation. They immediately paid for a new ticket for me to travel on for the very next day. If I am this violent, abusive passenger, why on earth did Fly Dubai allow me to travel on their aircraft again?

I have witnesses, and I also request more passengers on the flight of 25 August 2017 to also contact me for further witness statements and videos taken of the situation.

I am incredibly disgusted that I was treated inhumanly. I have never experienced anything like this in my life as a frequent flyer. Fly Dubai should be ashamed of their conduct by allowing unprofessional personnel to represent a well known company.

I also beg of all the somali’s who have experienced bad customer service from Fly Dubai to come forth as this can no longer go on. We deserve to be served with respect as we pay money for a service.

I am unable to give further details regarding this case. As it is now being dealt with my legal team. Hope this clears the lies Fly Dubai put forward.

Kind regards

Mrs Jama

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