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Getting To Know The Beautiful People Of Somaliland

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I’m not talking about physical beauty although there is a lot said about the beauty of the women in Somaliland (sorry ladies, you will have to judge the men on your own).  I am talking about getting to really know the people of a territory that is dying to be proclaimed their own nation.  The people of Somaliland are curious, genuine, kind, friendly, and quite frankly, blunt.

I was able to experience a complete familiarity with the people of the country, both good and bad.  I wouldn’t say that I had any bad experiences but being in a Muslim society there were a few awkward situations that I had to share.

While I have shared my first experience of Somali kindness in detail here on WanderingTrader where I was smuggled into Somaliland, there are many more scenarios which I will share in just a moment.

The willingness of the Somalilander people to go out of their way to help you is beyond implausible


There are very few countries where I have met truly genuine people that are willing to help absolute strangers, for nothing in return.  Of all the 50 countries I have visited in the world, these are the ones that happen to be some of my favorites (in no particular order); Colombia, Zambia, Israel, Ethiopia, and even Suriname.

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