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Canada: Integration TV and its host Hodan Naleyeh tribal hatred against Somaliland

Published on May 21, 2015 by   ·   No Comments

Integration TV is an upstart Toronto based Somali community TV. The host Hodan Naleyeh usually tries to promote cultural awareness of young Somali and takes on various social issues like child upbringing, integration in the workplace and a host of Somali Canadians preoccupations. All around, a quiet useful stuff for younger generations Somali


Unfortunately, Hodan Naleyeh fell back into the classic clannish hatred that usually pertain Somali media.  Very close to her cousin the late Sado Ali, Hodan Naleyeh embarked with the singer  in the hatemongering of her last years. According to Naleyeh, Somalilanders  kill, rape and destroy cities across the Sool district. Blinded by tribal hatred aimed at Somaliland, oidan Naleyeh who was so quick playing up the opening of a small restaurant in Mogadishu, could see the generationsof students graduating years after from Nugaal University.  Hodan Naleyeh could see that since Somaliland took over Lascanood, teachers are regularly in the entire district of Sool even in the remote corners where the Somaliland administrations is barely set up.

Earlier this year, Hodan Naleyeh embarked on a series of shows called the “called studies” where she is aiming her vitriol to Western researches who had the audacity to pick the democratic credential of Somaliland.  Using the race and colonisation cards, Hodan Naleyeh under the influence of Puntand pen warlords, used her Integration TV  as platform of attacks against Marcus Hoehne and others.

This week, Nodan Naleyeh went even further in the displaying of her hatred towars Somaliand by calling May 18th, sanitation day. Ignoring the thousands of Somalilanders in Lascanood and other cities proudly displaying Somaliland flag, Hodan Naleyeh choose to present a story about three Farah picking up trash on a random London street. Integration TV is cast as the voice of the diaspora, yet Hodan failed to see the more than 75 cities in the world where Somalilanders in the diaspora organized May 18 event, sometimes drawing audience well north of 500 hundreds for a single party.

I urge Somalilanders Canadian to formally lodge against Integration TV and his host Hodan Naleyeh by writing to the Canadian Radio Telvision and telecommunication Commission (CRTC) .

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