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Substantial progress in exploring mass graves in Somaliland

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As part of EPAF’s Forensic Field School in Somaliland, foreign experts and students, together with the staff of the War Crimes Investigation Commission of Somaliland (WCIC), have concluded today with the excavation of the first of two mass graves located near to the city of Hargeisa. In total, six bodies have been recovered.

EPAF ratifies their commitment with the WCIC, the government and the people of Somaliland, as well as their commitment with the defense of human rights to truth, to justice and to be buried with dignity, according to local customs and traditions.

EPAF drives transitional justice processes, training human rights activists and professionals in the field of forensic sciences and memory in Somaliland and Peru, through annual Field Schools. Dozens of students from 4 continents have participated in these Schools, and the next Field School is scheduled for the months of June and July 2015, in Ayacucho, Peru.

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